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Written by a patient
14th January 2020

Right Total Knee Replacement. Monday 9th December 2019.Mr. Chauhan discussed all aspects of my condition in graphic detail & only when I chose which avenue to go down did he start to prepare me for the surgical option. He was at the bedside within 2hrs. of returning to my room, & continued to visit during my hospital stay & subsequent discharge. ( 2 days ). I saw him 5 weeks to the day post-op & am not exaggerating when I say how surprised he was at my recovery. I am walking 1-2 miles a day, as I live on the Thames estuary, the beach has been my savior. Walking on the sand 2 weeks post op improved the tightness in my hamstring like no other exercise. My leg is straight, I have no pain, my gait taller & confident. At 6 weeks post-op I return to work as a Healthcare assistant, driving & independent once again. We have a wealth of such talent in Britain. Definitely a FANTASTIC orthopaedic surgeon to choose.

5th February 2020
Response from Mr Chatenya Chauhan

I was delighted to read of your comments and even more delighted that I was able to restore you to your active life. Thank you for your generous feedback. I hope to continue to serve my patients as I have done for you.

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