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Written by a NHS patient
14th March 2021

This was my second MVD operation, carried out by Mr Kaliaperumal at Dept of Neuroscience building at ERI. My first was at the Western General. At my pre op which was carried out 2 days before operation, I got the feeling that the Con Anaesthetist was trying to dissuade me from going through with the op. I must admit that I felt uneasy and unhappy about this, however my meeting with Mr Kaliaperumal brought me back on track and I went through with second operation and had no regrets. The after care in a single room ward was excellent despite covid raging around the country. I was in for approx 5 days, then discharged back home. Staff were efficient and jolly throughout, which was not easy for anybody under the circumstances. I worked in NHS for over 30 years, so can appreciate how much more attention, all departments need. Thanks again Derek Stirling

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