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Written by a private patient
8th July 2021

On my first visit to Dr Elmiyeh my sister/I received a warm and pleasant greeting which immediately put us at ease because of his apparent sincerity . Having established I was the patient he asked about my reason for the visit he listened attentively and intervened with questions appropriate and most relative to my symptoms I was most impressed with his knowledge of my symptoms and my need to give further information as he was already aware of it all. He explained in detail the relationship of the anatomy and physiology of the affected part of my body . He explained in a way which was easy to understand, he carried out an examination explaining it’s condition , what he felt about his best plan of care would be. I was very happy I had chosen to be seen by him as my first choice of two Consultants I felt it was nice to admit that to him. He is obviously a very experienced knowledgeable professional in the chosen field of his career. What’s great about him? 1.He has good Doctor/patient relationship 2.His manner is re-assuring and professional 3.Good body language and good listening skills, is patient does not check his watch during a consultation 4.Is willing to answer any questions asked of him by the patient, is definitely non-dismissive 5. Gives helpful advice is pleasant and very likeable

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