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Written by a NHS patient
16th February 2021

I would like to highly recommend Dr Elmiyeh because he is the best ENT consultant I have ever met so far. My son has been receiving treatment from Dr Elmiyeh from the last 7 years and I cannot explain in words that how caring and professional Dr Elmiyeh is. My son was only 8 years old when he first met Dr Elmiyeh and he was not scared of all the operations he had gone through just because of Dr Elmiyeh’s friendly and caring nature. As a mother, I felt blessed that my son was having his treatment from such a great doctor who is so knowledgeable and who explained everything to me in simple words making it easy for me to understand the whole treatment process. Today, my son is a teenager and my son said he will never forget Dr Elmiyeh because if he is fully recovered and living a normal pain free life, it is just because of Dr Elmiyeh.

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