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Written by a patient
17th March 2020

I had very complex operation of deviated septum, I was so worried as I could not breath from the one nostril at all. After long wait and hard work I met to Dr, Elmeiyeh, He explained me pros and cons both with the options and possibilities to make the things right as the similar surgery was so badly done by my previous doctor about 17 years ago. Dr. Elmeiyeh explained me what he will do just before the operation. Surprisingly, It was so big operation and it took roughly 4 and half hours but i didn't felt pain at all since the operation was done till I recovered. genuinely feeling to salute to the expert Doctors like him. Simply amazing. I strongly suggest anyone who are struggling to go to him without any hesitation and leave all to him, his expert hand will make all happen, I am fully sure that he will make it all right as it should be. Once again, Big Salute to Dr. Elmiyeh. who have given me new life.

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