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Written by a NHS patient
6th February 2021

I am responding for Keith Waite and because I am involved by Keith in his care due to his NPH, causing short term recall issues, this includes my experience of Mr A Jain as he has dealt with Keith's medical care. Mr Jain, has impressed both Keith and myself with his ability to listen intently to what we have told him, his ability to respond indicating to us that he had read Keiths notes and understood the sequence of events in Keith's illness. Mr Jains clarity when explaining his proposed actions to both of us has been excellent, and we felt that there was agreement between us on the next step. He has given Keith confidence that he is back on the radar and someone cares. Often it is perceptions that people take away with them from professionals of all subjects rather than the actuality that influences views, in this case we feel that the perception of competence has matched the actuality through follow up in written form, that is clear and precise, and the feedback on tests has again been clear and prompt in written form. All round, although consultation has been remote due to Covid, this consultant has made Keith feel cared for and instilled with confidence in Mr Jains competence and professionalism. In a few words Keith feels safe with this Consultant whom he has never met...that is remarkable in itself in my view.

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