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Written by a NHS patient
14th April 2024

I was first diagnosed with arthritis in 2014 but I was not in much pain. I continued exercising until Covid struck in 2020 by which time I was walking with a considerable limp. A further X-ray in September 2021 showed severe arthritis in my left hip. I discussed various treatments with the physiotherapist at the Knoll Surgery and opted for a replacement. I had choice of hospitals from the NHS Choice Team and first met Mr Acharya about October 2021 at the Cheshire Spire. He was very efficient and decisive having no hesitation in recommending a full replacement and said it would be about a 6-month wait, which surprised me as I was expecting about 2 years! The operation took place on a Saturday morning under an epidural and sedative and yes, I was very apprehensive but Mr Acharya, the anaesthetist, and theatre nurse put me at ease. I was totally unaware of what was happening after the epidural but “came to” very quickly. Following the operation, I was on pain killers but never felt any real pain whatsoever, just some discomfort. I was up the following day on crutches with the physiotherapist and was soon walking up and down the corridor and stairs. I went home on the Tuesday and still feeling no pain came off the pain killers after 3 or 4 days. From there my recovery was extremely rapid, dispensing with the crutches after a couple of weeks, and back to walking our dog. After a year, the scar is very faint, I have no pain or limp whatsoever and I go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. I cannot thank Mr Acharya enough and I am sure my excellent present condition is down to his skill and technique.