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Written by a NHS patient
11th March 2023

As a medical student myself I can say I aspire to be as good of a surgeon as Mr Acharya. He is honest, well-experienced, and only advises you on what is in your best interest. I was referred to him with pain in both my feet because of my accessory navicular bone and deformed hallux valgus. He saw me as a kid once and as an adult (now happily discharged). Both times he cared for me as if I was his own daughter while maintaining professionalism. When I thought it was my accessory navicular causing me great trouble, Mr Acharya recommended bunion surgery; 8 months later I do not regret placing my trust in him. No more pain. Furthermore, he understood that I had other commitments, so worked around that and agreed to do surgery on both my feet at the same time to shorten the rehab time, per my wish. He was patient and understanding. He communicated every detail with me at all times and answered all my questions. As for his talent as a surgeon, my surgery went without complications and my feet have healed nicely. In essence, he put me at ease, that is with reason.

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