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Written by a patient
7th April 2020

Having spent almost all of my adult my life in hospitals and other healthare settings due to my mother's multiple serious health conditions (from which she suffered all of her adult life until she passed away several years ago), I have had my fair share of interactions with healthcare professionals in multiple medical fields and settings. This included some of the best surgeons in the world such as Mr. Magdi Yacoub and Professor John Pepper, both of whom will always have a place in the hearts of my family and I, alongside the many other extraordinary healthcare professionals involved in her care. Mr Chakravorty is now also one of those extraordinary healthcare professionals that I will forever be very grateful to have met; his kindness, genuineness and true passion for his field really stood out to me from the first time we met. I found his truly caring and compassionate nature, together with his candid, honest communication approach refreshing and reassuring. I couldn't thank him enough for listening to my concerns and potentially saving me from existing and future health complications. At a time when the NHS is so thinly stretched that it may affect the level of care provided at times, I really appreciate people like Mr Chakravorty, who have maintained the ability to treat patients with such exceptional care and compassion. Such qualities are evidently at the core of his character. Thank you once again.

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