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Written by a patient
21st September 2020

I'd had many years of knee pain, developed a limp resulting in hip pain and could not walk long distances or stand for long periods . In 2019 I was referred to Mr. Imbuldeniya for a total knee replacement. At my first appointment the procedure was explained to me and I was added to the waiting list. Later I attended a physiotherapy session and was taught exercises to do pre and post surgery. My knee replacement was done under spinal block and after a night on the ward and a lesson on how to walk with crutches I went home in the afternoon. 8 weeks later I was back at work. That was a year ago. I can now walk miles without pain and have no limp or hip pain. I am very pleased with the result from my knee replacement and had excellent care from all the staff I met in theatre, the ward and physiotherapy department. Mr, Imbuldeniya is very approachable, provides excellent advice and explanation and has done a great job. My quality of life is so much better and I feel very lucky to have been looked after by him.

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