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Written by a patient
2nd July 2020

I am 61 man and prior to my hip replacement procedure was becoming increasingly immobile. By October of 2019 I was regularly using strong pain relief medication prescribed by my GP. This just to get through my day. My mobility had diminished to hobbling around and a dread of stairs. Mr Imbuldeniya and his team performed the procedure on my right hip on Friday 3rd Jan 2020. 4 hours after surgery (with the use of a zimmer frame) I was able to "walk" to the toilet. On Monday 6th Jan I was able to return home and used a pair of crutches for the first 6 weeks. From day 1, I followed the physio rehab exercise regime provided by the Teddington Memorial Hospital physio dept. By week 8 I was walking un-aided around the house (I used a single a crutch when outside my home). By week 10, I was walking completely unaided. 3 months later, riding a bicycle, for the first time in two years. All this without pain. 6 months in, I have shed a stone in weight and now lighter than my pre-op weight. I am able to walk several miles without pain. I can even undertake 10 mile bicycle rides pain free. For me, having this procedure has been life changing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Imbuldeniya & his team for the marvelous job they have done. I am truly a new man.

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