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Written by a patient
17th November 2019

On first meeting Mr Imbuldeniya, having been referred by my GP, he showed me the x-ray of my Osteo arthritic hip and explained available treatment options. I opted for elective surgery given the pain this was causing me. My case, however, wasn't as straight forward as it could be as I suffer with Chronic Plaque Psoriasis, and this was present on my hip at the intended incision site. I was also in receipt of care from the hospital's Dermatology dept (who are brilliant). The plan was to achieve a clear skin result on the operation site to minimize risk of post surgery infection. This took time to achieve and caused considerable delay in obtaining a date for surgery, though I always trusted Mr Imbuldeniya's professional opinion, especially regarding infection risk. After amazing treatment from the Dermatology dept the skin cleared, and Mr Imbuldeniya's team gave the go ahead for surgery. I opted for a local anesthetic on the day as the anesthetist told me that it's the best way to have the operation done, and the best scenario for immediate post operative pain relief (I was also offered the choice of a general though). Being awake for a total hip replacement is a scary prospect, but the medical professionals involved in the whole process made it easier than a trip to the dentist! I can't thank Mr Imbuldeniya and everyone in that operating theatre enough. Beyond the theatre the recovery ward and admission ward staff were all fantastic, the nurses, HCA's, the ladies who brought the food and tea's around, the physio's the porters; I couldn't have expected a more professional and caring approach. Mr Imbuldeniya is reassuringly certain of his skill and workmanship, my recovery has been exceptionally successful (it should be noted that I am a younger person at 50 so obviously that works in my favour). I did put the work in to post operative physio and pushed myself to do more than perhaps I should have done on some days. Five weeks after the operation I attended a family party that I'd already said I wouldn't go to given the perceived time needed for recovery. I attended the party without any mobility aids and walked around as if I'd never had Osteoarthritis, some couldn't believe that I was that mobile and pain free in such a short time. Please note: I'm not a fitness fanatic, I'm over weight and regrettably I smoke. That said, I do put the success of this recovery partly down to my own determination, but I also know for a fact, that Mr Imbuldeniya's skill and that of the team around him really did make it the life changing surgical procedure that it has become for me. This has left me pain free and really looking forward to participating in all the things that I want to do; just to be able to walk for a distance without having to look out for seats/benches to use for periodical resting points along the way is a game changer, not having to bulk buy and consume large amounts of Ibuprophen is a welcome relief, being able to kneel down or pick something up that I've dropped without fear of pain sounds minimal but it is a wonderful novelty given the difficulties before. I plan to enjoy more physical exercise now (hopefully lose some weight), and quit smoking. I couldn't recommend Mr Imbuldeniya and his team highly enough...brilliant people, brilliant work!!!

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