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Written by a patient
12th May 2020

I had an arthroscopy and repair of torn cartilage under GA in early February having endured 7 months of pain and discomfort. I sought a second opinion with Mr Imbuldeniya having had a consultation with a different surgeon where I was informed that an operation would probably be pointless and I would need to live with the pain and discomfort for the rest of my life. On meeting Mr Imbuldeniya, he listened carefully, carried out a number of movements with my knee which hadn't been done previously, talked about all the options open to me and said that he felt an operation would be a perfectly reasonable approach to sorting out my knee. I duly had the operation and after a month of exercises and physio etc my knee feel fantastic. I am pain free, very mobile, back to my speedy walk and able to run up and down stairs with aplomb! So pleased I sought a second opinion. As a former nurse, I can say hand on heart, Mr Imbuldeniya has one of the best Dr/ Patient approaches I have encountered. Warm , thoughtful, curious, patient, interested and with a great sense of humour to boot, With heartfelt thanks . Dorothy

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