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Written by a patient
29th July 2020

I am a 63-year old man who is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to Mr Imbuldeniya and his wonderful team, and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone needing orthopaedic treatment. I had two hips replaced by Mr Imbuldeniya and colleagues, one in November 2018 and one in October 2019, as I had severe arthritis and was in pain, with limited mobility. But that was just the start. Shortly after my second hip was replaced, I had a fall and smashed my hip replacement and broke my leg. Mr Imbuldenya and his team carried out complicated revision surgery to put things right, including putting in some major hardware to hold my leg together. After that I contracted an infection and was hospitalised again and put on intravenous antibiotics. Coinciding with this I also suffered a severe mental health breakdown, brought on by the infection and the stress of everything. It was not a good time. My relationship came to an end because my then partner decided they wouldn't be able to look after me when I came out of hospital, and dumped my things in the ward. My mental breakdown also affected my relationship with my estranged wife and family and I was unable to carry on with the freelance work I had been doing, so I lost that, which made things worse. But Mr Imbuldeniya and his team stood by me all through all this time and I am now completely recovered and moving well, thanks to his wonderful skills and care and not least, his continued personal interest and support throughout my treatment, including often coming to see me in the fragile ward and encouraging me to keep going when things felt very bleak. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I have been very fortunate indeed to have Mr Imbuldenya as a surgeon and consultant and cannot recommend him too strongly.

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