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Written by a patient
22nd May 2020

I have had my total knee replacement(left) just 3 months back. I am doing very well. In the beginning, i was very scared to go for this surgery but when I met Dr. Arjuna in his westmiddlesex hospital clinic, I felt a great sense of comfort. He heard me patiently, answered all my queries and most importantly on the day of the surgery, he mentally prepared me to be ready for 'not so good' 1 week post surgery. He explained the recovery timeline which of course is different for each individual but I fairy knew that I am there! To be honest, after reading reviews written for him, I was praying for him to do my surgery and when he came to call me at the reception, I was elated that my prayers have been heard! On the day of my discharge from the hospital, I couldn't meet him but he took no time in replying to my emails. Now I am going ahead with my right knee replacement with him and his fantastic team. Thank you so much Dr. Arjuna and your team...

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