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Written by a private patient
13th October 2021

I am a 34 year old mother of 2 and had my breast lift and augmentation with Mr Morritt last November. Mr Morritt was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. I went in with a lot of questions and Mr Morritt always took the time to answer them and give me a clear picture of what to expect; when asked, he even called my husband as Covid prevented him attending the consultations. The operation went smoothly and the results are amazing. I have never felt more confident and happy in my own skin as I am now. Scarring is minimal, the shape/size of my breasts is perfect for what I wanted and I am so happy with the treatment, aftercare and final result that I literally recommend Mr Morritt to just about everyone I speak to. I never got the sense that it was about money and always felt that my best interests were at the forefront. I genuinely believe that if Mr Morritt didn't think he could achieve the results I wanted, or if he'd had doubts about the surgery at all, he'd have not been willing to go ahead with it. Best plastic surgeon in the country ♥️

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