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Written by a NHS patient
22nd April 2022

So I was admitted to Royal Papworth after being diagnosed of a Lung Carcinoid Tumour, which meant that I needed a middle lobectomy, when my consultant told me I couldn’t speak really, I always hated hospitals and just becoming an Adult, it was hard. I underwent surgery on the 1st of March 2022 I went to visit Aman Coonar at Papworth and he remained calm and collective, he is a man that knows what he is doing, if your a patient reading this, the care at Papworth is exceptional, there is someone there for everything, the food is great, (I love food) the harissa pasta was my go too. The rooms are clean, you have a TV with freeview channels, en-suite, i stayed for 8 days, no problems with the rooms. What really made me feel welcome is the relationship you have with the staff, whilst you are there, they are your best friends, and what an incredible group of people they are. During the night if you need any specialists, they will come to see you. My operation was longer than expected at 8 hours long due to being complicated as I had a thoracotomy, and in order to save my healthy lower lobe it had to be done, i said to Aman pre surgery do whatever you need to do. He mentioned to me post operation that they were going to remove the lower lobe as well as middle but made the operation more difficult for himself in order to save more lung. Amans has burning desire to keep you at the best of your ability, he and his team managed to reattach my lower lobe to my upper lobe. My surgery was pretty big, but I still managed to cycle 10k on my 7th day at hospital on the bike and 1 month after surgery I started going back to the gym just for cardio and now cycle 10k in under 20 minutes, 1.5 months later and get 18k, I could go for longer but don’t want to over do it. I hope this can help you as a patient, if your anxious, (of course you will be), your in great hands, these people are absolutely incredible and Aman Coonar is an incredible Consultant and Surgeon, his team are exceptional and the connection between them is outstanding. Just google Aman Coonar, his unbelievable work will help you feel a sense of reassurance, I felt like me and Aman had a friendship, I felt like we were part of a team together. He hugged me in my follow up, he told me good news! Even pre op everyone in the room was positive and the seriousness felt dulled down. Thank you Aman and your team, I can’t believe we get your care through the NHS, I feel incredibly lucky to have received your care, anyone should be. This is a long review but I hope it helps give you a better understanding and feel some reassurance, and provide some feedback for the people involved

20th May 2022
Response from Mr Aman Coonar

Thanks for your feedback. Very grateful to you as it helps patients understand what to expect. I will share it with them the team. Stay well and look forward to seeing you again.

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