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Written by a patient
1st November 2017

Mr Myers has been in charge of my treatment for a very complicated case of Chrons disease for several years now, and I trust him completely. I may not always be happy with the recovery of large procedures due to complications of having an auto immune responses to surgery, but his care and bedside manner have always been exemplary. Mr Myers really listens to your concerns and tries to give as much information as he can as to what you should expect, remembers your individual circumstances that most Doctors don't, and is warm and funny which helps a great deal when dealing with very unpleasant news or procedures sometimes. I have recommended him to many people who have the same health issues, and will refuse to be treated by anyone else as he knows me and my long history, and I trust him the most. If you're looking for a surgeon who will not just be excellent in the theatre, but also a genuinely good and caring man, who will consider all aspects of your care, this is the best man for the job in my opinion.

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