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Written by a private patient
14th April 2021

Mr Qureishi, is and has recently treated me and operated on me for my sinus problems, with which I have been suffering for for years. With all NHS appointments and operations being postponed I moved forward with Bupa for a private consultation with him. From the outset he was nothing but clear , professional, polite, and has a great manner. He comes across as confident and makes things clear and precise and is open and honest. He does not apply any pressure on you to have an operation but gives you the choices and risks. He is happy to answer any questions you have however small or what may seem silly or simple. Even with his busy schedule and I imagine stressful job and very responsible role. He maintains an air of calm and shows he is in control and appears thoughtful in his responses without assuming you know the medical details , as a layman. His explanations of any diagnosis, procedure and affects are detailed and clear and extremely helpful. Like anything you go through ups and downs Of anxiety with such decisions on operations and it’s risks. But he put me at ease and gave me a great level of confidence to go into theatre. I cannot express enough how impressive his knowledge and skill is. He talks highly of his team and colleagues and the medical team assisting with all process and procedures. He is assisted by Ms Bouchra Mamoun as his secretary whom without doubt provides excellent , support to him, she is polite, professional and very helpful. I would liege to say thank you to Mr Qureishi and his team all all through all of this , not sure you could call this a pleasurable experience . But it has been as good as it could be for a medical consultation and operation experience . Amazing to come across such a Professional in very aspect and such a brilliant team. Thank you

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