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Written by a private patient
28th March 2023

I had been suffering a damaged right ankle for some five years. Had been to Podiatrist for orthotics and had pain killing injections. They were fine at first but as the ankle became worse the pain became extreme. I was told don’t have ankle surgery as it will not work. As the pain got acute (bone on bone) and my ability to walk significantly impaired. I sought out the best surgeon I could find. Ali Abbasian was recommended by a number of medical people. From first consultation Ali was magnificent he explained carefully the options of fusion or full ankle replacement. I absolutely did not want fusion and Ali said replacement the best option. He carefully explained the risks and I felt reassured he would do his utmost to achieve the best outcome for me. I had the operation in November last year. Now four months on I am totally pain free and back to walking normally and last week did a three mile walk along the towpath. I cannot recommend Ali highly enough his manner is kind and considerate and his surgical skills second to none. My ankle was in a very poor state and complicated by ligament damage causing severe lateral weakness. Ali repaired the ligaments and my ankle is straight and back to the way it was before the problem started. I am so grateful to this man.