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Written by a private patient
1st July 2023

Dear Ali Having now settled in at home following my recent toe operation at your clinic, I thought I would just express my sincere thanks for the care and personal attention received. From my first impressions when I met you in late May for a consultation regarding my aggravated toe problem, right up to a few days ago when I saw you just 1 week after the removal by you of the major part f the small left toe, I have experienced nothing short of a most open and pleasurable atmosphere at the Schoen Clinic(now Fortius), which although now part of a larger organisation, is, from all outward appearances run on the very same family orientated lines. Your staff are personally interested in welcoming patients with the effect that one is put firmly at ease in what can be an apprehensive time, not knowing how things are going to work out. The ethos you instil in your staff is openly visible and is a great comfort for what is an anxious time for prospective patients. The operation and your colleagues preparations was smooth and efficient. I have had many operations and procedures in my time , as you will know from the medical history I gave you when we first met, and I can honestly say that your clinic and the staff and the procedure I underwent, stands high in the list of hospitals and specialists I have seen and in which I have been a patient, over many years. I cannot fault a single thing about my short stay as a day patient last week. I would go further and say that if one has to enter hospital for whatever procedure, I cannot think of a better and happier environment to have it done at your clinic. I can tell you that 9 days after the operation, I am progressing more speedily than I could ever have imagined. When I whatsapped one of my sons, who happens to be working in Panama for the last 3 years, together with his family, to report my progress, even 1 day after the operation, and without any after effects from either the anaesthetic or pain from the wound, he remarked that he was impressed, and said, 'dad, you must be strong!' I put my successful recovery down to your superb treatment and caring and attentive staff, for which I am so very grateful Best wishes Peter Galan