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Written by a patient
17th June 2019

I was referred to Mr. Shipolini by Professor Perry Elliot's clinic at St Bartholemews in London UK. Mr. Shipolini is extremely approachable, friendly, kind and competent. He always listens and shows a genuine personalized interest in his patients. His genuine and kind demeanor coupled with his professionalism and competence is, in my opinion, what has led him to become a stellar cardiothoracic surgeon but without the arrogance often seen. Mr. Shipolini did a surgical left septal reduction and managed to repair my mitral valve with such extreme skill, cardiac imaging technicians could not believe I ever has a mitral regurgitation problem!! Mr. Shipolini is a highly talented cardiothoracic surgeon and well deserves his amazing reputation. I feel privileged and lucky to be one of his patients.

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