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Written by a patient
25th April 2018

I chose Dr Osborne following recommendation from a friend who had the same surgery. After research I booked in for a consultation. Dr Osborne was fantastic he answered all of my questions and gave me a lot of information and helped me to understand why I’d always struggled with weight loss. My surgery day was 15 March and I can honestly say I was not remotely nervous just excited for my future. The after effects of course are uncomfortable as with any surgery but Dr Osborne and his team were absolutely fantastic. The care I received was amazing. He even called me in a weekend after I sent a question to put my mind at ease. I have nothing but praise for the pre and post care having had a weigh in and check up today. Dr Osborne will look after me for a year I will have regular dietician check up and bloods to ensure I’m ok. Best thing I ever did and for anyone whose struggling with weight loss contact his team you won’t regret it. Please pass my thanks on to the team of nurses who looked after me throughout the night in HDU on 15 March and to the operating team and ward nurses. Kind regards Lisa

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