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Written by a patient
8th February 2018

I have a very hectic personal life I care for a disabled teenager, and was extremely nervous about spinal surgery. I was due to have a micro discectomy as a day case but sadly suffered a complication. However This had all been explained to me pre op and for all I wasn’t happy I was to stay in Hospital I understood the importance. Mr Khan came to check on me daily despite it being the weekend and he always had a smile and a reassuring word for me despite the fact I was extremely grumpy and asked to go home every time I saw him. I initially saw mr Khan on a wed and I was having my operation by the Friday I can’t fault him. I’ve had a few further complications post op but they are mainly all resolved. My recovery took longer than expected but I think that was more to do with having an infection in my wound post op etc. I’m hoping to get back to work as a nurse in the next few months.

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