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Written by a patient
24th November 2020

The care I received from Doctor Hamouda was brilliant. One consultation and I was booked in for surgery 4 weeks later. He made me feel reassured whilst also being honest about any risks associated with the procedure and carefully explaining exactly what would happen. My only negative was the admin around the procedure. I was booked for my op on Wednesday and told I needed to arrive by 7.30am. I had to go for a pre-op and COVID test the previous Friday, but at that appointment was then told the COVID test had been moved til Monday. Then when I attended the COVID swab I was told by the person doing the swab that my procedure time on the Wednesday had changed from AM to PM. I thought this was pretty late notice and was very stressful. I have 3 young children that I had arranged childcare/school run cover etc for, and had to completely re-arrange this with less than 48 hours notice. Not easy given the current restrictions, and I feel like a phone call to explain this rather than a note on a piece of paper should have been the process.

25th November 2020
Response from Mr Ahmed Hamouda

Thank you very much for the feedback and apologies for the short notice changes to scheduling. Due to Covid results, restrictions and pressure on theatre lists it has become more difficult to manage case load with diminished scheduling flexibility. Your important point about more effective communication has been noted and will be cascaded to the admin teams at the hospital. Best wishes.

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