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Written by a private patient
20th May 2021

The whole experience has been amazing from my first consultation to now (3 weeks into recovery). Dr Siddiqui has been so informative and helpful throughout. He talked me through all different types of implants, sizes, risks etc. so I was fully in the know before deciding to go ahead. I was also able to try on the different size and shaped implants to help me decide which to go for, I could try as many times as I wanted and there was no pressure or rush to make a decision. The procedure was also great, I felt so comfortable the whole way through. The aftercare has been fantastic too, Dr Siddiqui texts me regularly to check all is okay, as well as my post surgery appointments. With regards to the results so far, I'm only 3 weeks into recovery and I am so happy with the outcome already, the scars/wounds are incredible, you can barely see where the incision was even made - can't wait to see the final result! Overall I've loved the experience and would do it all again tomorrow. Would definitely recommend Dr Siddiqui to anyone looking to get breast surgery!

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5