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Written by a carer
25th September 2019

My two sons were both circumcised by Mr Khan at roughly 5-7 weeks old 3 years apart. As circumcision is not routinely carried out by the NHS it is difficult to find somewhere trustworthy with good clinical expertise. After much research I selected Mr Khan due to his clinical accreditation as well as the high number of circumcisions he had completed. He was extremely professional at all times and is happy to answer any questions you might have ahead of the procedure. In addition post procedure he is extremely accessible and responds quickly to any follow up questions/concerns you might have. The procedure itself it very quick and straight forward. The only thing I would do differently is circumcise my son earlier as I did not realise that prior to 4 weeks old has the lowest complication rate. That said both my sons procedures were extremely successful with no issues. Whilst Mr Khan was not local to us (90 minutes away) it was worthwhile making the distance to have the procedure completed by him. I felt very reassured throughout.

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