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Written by a patient
14th January 2021

Having had a breast augmentation 15 years ago, I noticed that over time my breasts were changing shape and looking a little strange. My wife had had breast surgery with Niki Petrie in June 2019 and was so delighted with the results, any research for a surgeon for me was not necessary for me. After meeting Niki at my initial consultation, she immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable, and she explained to me what was going on with my breasts/implants (encapsulation) which put my mind at rest straight away. She was very thorough and listened intently at what my expectations were and my concerns and I knew then that she was the right surgeon for me. I booked in to have my implants removed followed by a lift and reconstruction. My surgery and recovery were problem free and a very small concern that I had was immediately addressed and I was totally reassured that it was normal healing. Following my surgery, I had two further appointments and on both occasions Niki was extremely professional, very personable and a genuinely lovely person. I am so delighted with the transformation and confidence my new shape has given me. Thank you so much Niki

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