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Written by a patient
7th December 2020

After having a breast augmentation almost twenty years ago, I was experiencing symptoms of encapsulation of my breast implants which was causing great discomfort. After going to see many surgeons I had almost lost hope that I would find someone I felt not only was competent, but who I also felt comfortable with. After meeting Nicola she immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable, and she explained to me what was going on with my breasts which put my mind at rest straight away. She was very thorough and listened intently at what my expectations were and my concerns. I knew she was the right surgeon for me and so I booked in to have removal and replacement implants. As my surgery approached, I got a few last minute nerves and contacted Nicola explaining what they were. She told me it was perfectly normal and she went through everything with me and I felt much better. My surgery was problem free and she followed up with me a couple of times to make sure everything was ok and my wounds were healing well, which they were. I am so happy with the outcome and I couldn't recommend Nicola enough she is not only extremely professional but also a lovely person too. Thank you Nicola!

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