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Written by a patient
4th October 2019

Miss Hajipour has been great throughout my treatment. - Pre-surgery she was clear and concise and put me in the right mindset to prepare myself for the post-surgery recovery. - The surgery itself has gone very well and I am very happy with the result. Considering that my wrist was smashed in to many small pieces its really remarkable that 12 weeks after the surgery it is very close to its normal movement range and my fractures are healed well. She and the surgery team did an excellent job. - Post surgery during consultations she was clear and concise about what I should do and emphasised the importance of physio. I felt like I understood and was motivated to consistently do the exercises, which has really paid off. Thanks also to Richard Holmes the phsyio she works with. Overall I have had a very positive experience and feel like I've benefited greatly from being a patient to Miss Hajipour. I'd like to extend my personal thanks to her and to the wider team in the Withenshaw Hospital fracture clinic.

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