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Written by a patient
15th March 2019

I was referred to Miss Hajipour when I broke my right wrist. She explained clearly that my future prognosis would be much better if I had a plate inserted in my wrist. Miss Hajipour carried out the surgery as a day patient. She clearly explained what she would be doing and saw me just before surgery to explain again. I saw her in clinic one week after surgery when the dressing was removed. At the time I was delighted with how the scar had healed. Miss Hajipour saw me and referred me for physiotherapy clearly explaining that although it would hurt to do the exercises I must persevere with them. I did them religiously and today, nine weeks after surgery, Miss Hajipour had discharged me from her care. I would like to say thank you to her for her care and professionalism. My scar is healing very well and I understand that it will fade to nothing over time. If you need wrist surgery I cannot recommend Miss Hajipour more highly.

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