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Written by a patient
17th August 2020

I needed vascular treatment in my left leg, following my first pregnancy. When I saw Miss McGuinness she put me totally at ease about the treatment and treated me with excellent care. I had felt so down about the look of my leg at a relatively young age however I am pleased to say you would never know I had any problems, such is the quality of the laser treatment. A few years later, following another pregnancy, I needed treatment on my second leg and had no reservation whatsoever about getting back in touch with Miss McGuiness and again she did an excellent job and produced fantastic results. The scars are minuscule and my legs look fantastic again! I’m so glad I was treated by Miss McGuinness and have since recommended her for my Mum’s vascular treatment and would highly recommend her for anyone. A very professional job, provided with a very supportive and kind service.

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