Miss Ami Shukla

Mrs Ami Shukla is a Consultant obstetrician and Gynaecologist with special interest in Urogynaecology. She followed her Gynaecology training in Oxford training program where majority of her time was dedicated to obtain an experience in Urogynaecology. She has also travelled to Australia to learn advanced surgical treatment for the recurrent prolapse. Mrs A Shukla provides a professional service for the assessment and treatment of a wide range of gynaecological issues which includes the following: Bladder function: Recurrent Cystitis (urinary infection) Urge / frequency (overactive or urgent bladder) Urge incontinence (urinary leakage with urge) Stress incontinence (urinary leakage with exercise or activity) Voiding difficulty (problem with bladder emptying) Painful bladder symptoms (interstitial cystitis) Bedwetting Coital incontinence (urinary leakage during sex) Vaginal support: Lax vagina or prolapse (vaginal bulge or lump) Vaginal wind Childbirth / pregnancy related issues: Incontinence or other bladder problems Painful perineum or wound healing issues Sexual difficulties Cosmetic vaginal issues after childbirth Bowel function: Constipation / difficulty with bowel emptying Bowel incontinence Urgent / frequent bowel symptoms General and adolescent gynaecology: Painful or heavy periods Enlarged or asymmetric labia causing pain or discomfort Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Contraception difficulties Pre-menstrual syndrome / pelvic pain Absent or infrequent periods Sexual function: Painful sex Loss of libido (interest) and other difficulties Vaginismus Investigations Provided Pelvic Ultrasound scan Urodynamic study Cervical smear Procedures performed Vaginal hysterectomy Pelvic floor repair Biological graft repairs Tension free vaginal tape (TVT) Transobturator tapes Colposuspension Removal of mesh Sacrocolpopexy Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis Removal of ovarian cysts Endometrial ablation


Specialises in:

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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4th October 2018
Written by a patient at BMI Three Shires Hospital

I saw Ami Shukla initially at a free open evening organised by BMI Three Shires Hospital where she explained information about menopause, period problems, HRT, pelvic pain, bowel function and more. I was impressed with how informative she was. Afterwards I went to see her privately and she has given me some brilliant advice that has sorted out some of the symptoms I experienced caused by my poly-cystic ovary syndrome. I would definitely recommend Mrs Shukla to friends and family.

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