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Written by a patient
18th March 2019

My recent experience with Mr Siddiqi has been a mixed one, I had a removal of a benign tumour in my saliva gland. I cannot fault Mr Siddiqi himself, as I found him to be very professional and caring, however I feel his expectation on my recovery was a little optimistic, which caused me lots of stress and worry when recovering from the operation, he told me I would be up and about in a matter of 2-3 days and back to work, when in fact I couldn't really talk or eat for for the first 3/4 days, i had to sleep sitting up for 5 nights, how i was expected to actually be well enough and fit enough for work really shocked me, even the nurse who discharged me was shocked to hear this and was promptly signed off for a period of 2 weeks which was a perfect recovery time for this type of operation. I must say that the operation itself was a huge success and his work in terms of the scar I am left with is in my opinion amazing, he's done a fantastic job. Now I mentioned that my experience had been a mixed one, well what can I say about my dealings with his secretary, I've not got a single positive thing to say about this experience with her, I have also made a complaint to the Hospital operations manager in relation to my experience with her, I found her to be rude, dismissive, uncaring, every time I spoke to her it was like I was interrupting her day by querying something or trying to arrange an appointment, it was a very stressful time that i was going through in the lead up to my operation and dealing with her and her attitude didn't make me feel calm and cared for as i would have expected to feel in going private, the only time she has been polite to me in this who experience is when everything had been completed and she wanted me to provide feedback on here!!

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