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Written by a patient
17th June 2020

07/08/2015 rushed to St Georges hospital with heart attack taken straight to theatre where I was greeted by Dr Zoe Astroulakis .where she calmly put me at ease and told me want was going to happen in theatre and maid me feel confident in here and her teams ability. she was very professional , kind ,calming , considerate , knowledgeable I have seen her a few times since then and she still listens and informs me in what I need to do or have done this doctor is what every member of staff in the NHS should be aiming to be like I would totally recommend her to anyone you cannot get a better standard of doctor anywhere . After my op I spent 5 days in hospital and then went home .where suddenly I had a sever reaction to one of the tablets overnight . spoke to my GP he phoned and spoke to the hospital , within 30 mins dr z astroulakis phoned me back and told me to go back to see her were she then sorted out the problem again with a confident relaxed bedside manner and a reassuring touch I cannot thank her enough nor can my family for saving my life that day .

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