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30th July 2015
Written by a patient at Attenborough Surgery

I have been sick for 2+ months now with constant abdominal pain, lower back pain, daily headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle pain, joint pain, severe mouth ulcers, and a bout of glandular fever. I previously had a cyst removed from my Ovary, so I was sent to a gynaecologist to see if it was the same problem. This was clear so I got referred to a gastroenterologist, who sent for a CT which was clear. I had full bloods done but the doctor wasn't able to read them as she was busy, so naturally I went to see this doctor for desperate help. (I'd seen this doctor before and was not keen to see her again, as her patient care had been a bit snappy). As soon as I walked in, I told her all my symptoms and how bad I was feeling (unable to work and all), she looked up the records of all my tests I had had, and came to the conclusion that I had had a wide range of tests and "nothing was clinically wrong with me" and that she was "at a loss", and that "am I sure it's not psychological"? She did not do a single examination on me, no temperature check, not blood test, not weight check (she would have seen I have lost 5kg in 2 weeks). The doctor the previous day took my bloods AND weighed me AND checked my glands in my neck to find they were enlarged. All this doctor did was claim I was imagining the symptoms and sent me on my way. She extremely upset me and made me feel like I was wasting her time. She was extremely rude and made me extremely emotional. Be warned, if you see this doctor YOU HAVE TO BE FIRM!! Don't let her tell you there's nothing wrong, because only you know your body. I'm just glad I am moving areas and able to change to a brand new GP practice. Maybe someone there will actually be able to help me; because I'm on my last nerve!

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