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Written by a patient
21st January 2021

Dr Kampers is an outstanding doctor. When I was first referred to a psychiatrist, I actually chose another doctor - Dr Kampers is an demonstrably impressive man; he’s successful, takes care of himself and exudes positivity - things that at my lowest point I didn’t want to encounter. How wrong I was to make such assumptions. He was immediately disarming, put me at ease and let me talk. He really, really listened to me. He wanted to admit me as an inpatient initially, but it wasn’t what I wanted. He’d acknowledged I’d been sober before - because he’d been listening - and trusted that if I said I’d commit to sobriety, that I would. He said he wouldn’t treat me unless I’d show commitment to it - I tapered off (following his advice) and saw him 4 weeks later. I wasn't well, but I’d achieved sobriety. We spoke some more. He wanted a period of complete sobriety, so we had a deal. His closing statement to me “I promise you, you follow our plan, and I will make you feel better. Your life will improve.” - it was a bold statement, but I believed every word. He was so certain. Without me saying it directly, he knew that my self-image was important to me - he also knew SSRIs hadn’t worked. He prescribed Bupropion - promised no weight gain and would just help lift my mood. Within 6 months I was a different person - I was me, nothing had really changed - I was just feeling better. My depression and anxiety scores had decreased by over half, I’d got a new job, had a healthy relationship and was ready to start the final phase. Personal circumstances prevented me completing my treatment, truth be told, but I’m absolutely certain if I’d have finished our programme - I would never use the word cured - but I’d have had all the tools needed to navigate the world. He checked up on me, of course, and 2 years later while I need help again, he took the time to respond to me - and due to circumstances based on Covid and location, I won’t be able to see him this time round. But he kindly sent me all my files and I know that equipped with his insights, my next psychiatrist will be able to carry through his plan. He’s not just a personable man and an expert in his field, he is someone that anyone with a major depressive disorder, panic and anxiety disorder and a severe alcohol misuse disorder would be more than lucky to see. By far the best doctor I’ve ever met. Put simply, I speak of him often.

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