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Written by a NHS patient
9th June 2022

I came in to see Dr. Kolimarala the other day with my daughter Lexi Willson, we spoke about how she may have an intolerance to milk/dairy/lactose and he explained it may be worth trying a lactose free diet rather than dairy free diet for 6-8 weeks but said to think about whether we wanted to try this or see if she grew out of it, after speaking with my husband we have decided the best thing for Lexi is to give the lactose free diet ago and see if her stomach pains ease. I briefly saw you in March when my daughter first got referred to paediatric gastroenterology we discussed how after she had had tests done we may have to look at her diet. I have tried to have a look at what things to cut out however it can be quite confusing and was wondering if you could give any advice on this please. Many Thanks

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