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24th April 2016
Written by a patient at Abington Medical Centre

Vanessa Clewett is the most patient, methodical, talented GP, she looked after me, when I returned from New York after being taken ill in the Plaza Hotel after celebrating new year 2015, I was taken to hospital with breathing problems and not allowed to fly home for 3 days, I was still unwell when I returned to the UK, and Vanessa worked hard to get to the bottom of my symptoms, it turned out that I have a very under active thyroid which was compromising my already weakened system due to allergies and an hiatus hernia which also contributed to my asthma symptoms, it was really hard to find medications that I was not allergic to and the correct amount of levithyroxine, as I was becoming anxious and frightened to eat, ( my weight plummeted to 7 stone 4 from almost 9 stone because I was scared to eat, but we got there, I was sad when Vanessa left Northampton, but so grateful that she was a GP at Abington Medical centre, when I needed her

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