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14th November 2013
Written by a carer

Much is written and reported about care for the elderly at present. My Father in Law, Marcus Davidson (73) was so ill he could not get out of bed for three weeks. He could not eat and complained of burning on his chest. He could not make a trip to the GP Surgery. This was reported to Dr Largent. For over three weeks Dr Largent was too busy to make a house call to diagnose his condition preferring instead to speculate on his condition, as possibly being anaemic, with his wife over the phone. My wife, actually wrote an email to Dr Largent which clearly outlined the facts and gravity of her Fathers serious condition. My wife made it clear that her Father was suffering, was seriously ill and that a home visit was required. In response, Dr Largent chose to write back saying that patient issues could not be discussed due to confidentiality. Even given these facts which were conveyed by my wife, Dr Largent did not drive 1 mile up the road to look at the Patient. Eventually, after three weeks, another Dr from the Practice did attend and immediately had him taken to Milton Keynes hospital in an ambulance where he was diagnosed as having cancer in the lungs, liver and brain. Two weeks later he died in June 2011.

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