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12th October 2017
Written by a patient at Hinchingbrooke Hospital

I had waited 3 months for this appointment. I even wished half the summer away because I needed to find out what my problem was. I have been suffering with pain in my feet which is often extremely debilitating for the past few years and cannot get to the bottom of what is coursing it. It may be down to long term use of a chemotherapy drug that I have to take daily for leukaemia, but I need a proper medical diagnosis to determine this as changing my drugs is not an easy option. My leukaemia consultants were also waiting for this information, as I have to apply to the government if I have to change. This young woman had made her diagnosis before I had even entered the room. or should I say, I had been tried, and judged to be totally wasting her time. The first thing she did was to bark at me for being late, and yes, I was a few minutes late after trying to park and standing in the queue to sign in at reception, normally it is the other way round and I wait for hours. She had no intention of listening as she had already made her mind up. "WELL HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT SIDE EFFECTS YOUR DRUGS HAVE" "WELL HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS WITH YOUR FEET, I DONT HAVE A SCAN OF THEM DO I", she was snapping at me in a very unpleasant manner. She spent only a few minutes, very speedily examining and prodding me with needles, which included about 5 seconds looking at my feet, maybe not even that long. She talked about her eye and how it had been twitching all week because she was tired and asked if I could see it twitching. The fact that she was tired and having a bad day was fairly obvious, and she was taking her frustrations out on me. We all have bad days, mine consist of dealing with leukaemia, dealing with extreme pain in my feet, and going to the dialysis centre with my husband where "I" have to get him attached to the machine, sit on an uncomfortable chair that gives you back ache for 3 1/2 hours, get him back off the machine and get home by midnight, which I do every other day. So I think my bad day might have been equally as bad as hers if not worse, and I suspect every other patient that comes through her door is also having a bad day. At the end of my very brief consultation, when she said I would be better off going to Rheumatology. I told her that I had an appointment, which I also waited three months for and they cancelled it at the last minute. "WELL THATS BECAUSE EVERYBODY HAS LEFT, ISNT IT" she barked at me again as if the mass resignation of the consultants was my fault. I felt so frustrated and let down by this woman's complete lack of interest or courtesy that I was in tears by the end of my appointment, she said nothing and just shoved a box of tissues at me. I would not normally wright a review, especially if its some-ones career. So why am I doing it now? Because I think that sometimes, a quick kick in your complacency is all that's needed to re-adjust your thinking, and maybe she will not be this unkind to someone else and her future reviews will all be positive. I have seen on the internet that she is a very accomplished woman having written papers in her field of expertise. All very important. But unless you present with symptoms that fit neatly within that field, she may not think you are very important. It is nice to be important..... But its much more important to be nice.

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