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1st October 2016
Written by a patient at St Leonard's

My view of Dr Gilkes is not a very pleasant one at all. I have been left in severe pain because of this man, and I'm afraid that I now have permanent damage due to his absolute refusal to help. He was supposed to be my pain specialist and three months ago I had the most extreme pain in my side and leg. I went to a&e but they told me I have to contact Dr Gilkes. I went to my GP, she wrote to Dr Gilkes on the 27th of July. He did not respond. I went to another hospital, a&e department again because this is the second time a Dr from Homerton Hospital has refused to help me. (St Leonards pain clinic is part of Homerton Hospital) Again I was told that I had to contact Dr Gilkes. I telephoned the pain clinic and they passed on a message to him saying that I was in severe pain. To this day (1 Aug) he has not replied. I have phoned them 3 times in all. When I left a message saying that as he was the only person who could assist, but didn't, he has broken the Hypocratic Oath (first do no harm), he responded by sending a letter to my GP saying he had dischsarged me from his care on the 30th of July because I had missed an appointment on the 4th (for a different pain). So he is saying that he dismissed me three days after my GP wrote to him. The same letter say's that he had left a message at reception for me to book a new appoinment. But if he looked closely, he would have seen that I had already re-booked the appoinment I missed, the day after I had missed it, on the 5th of July. 25 days before he discharged me. So he is basically just lying to cover himself but has been caught out by his own letter. To this day, in fact as I'm writing, I still have pain in my side and leg, and it's gone into my foot, but the severity of it has gone down i.e I can now walk with it. But I have a sickly feeling in my side every day from the moment I get up. It's normal for me to feel cold all the time, but since this pain started, I alternate between hot and cold sweats. I am profusely sweating at this moment but cannot go to a&e because they keep telling me not to. I feel like I'm on the edge of a faint all the time, and have terrible pain all over my body. I have absolutley no way of getting assistance as long as my GP and hospitals have it on record that he is my pain consultant. If he had discharged me, then why are the hospitals and my GP not aware of this? My experience of Dr Gilkes is that he is a vey nasty man. I had been point blank refused help by Homerton Hospital about 2 years ago by a different doctor. He then made a false report as to why I went there and this influenced my doctors to not give me the help I have been asking for. To this day I have not had the correct help with a chronic pain condition, and when I received a response to a complaint I put in regarding the first doctor, I refused to accept it because it was a lie and because I am still affected by that lie to this day. I first met Dr Gilkes after telling Homerton Hospital I was taking the complaint further to the parliamentary ombudsman. When I tried to contact Dr Gilkes at the pain clinic, they made it very clear to me that he was not contacting me as revenge for going ahead with the complaint. I have every right to complain about malpractice, and as long as I am affected by what that doctor did, I have a right to expect his actions corrected. Dr Gilkes, and in fact no one, has any right whatsoever to punish me for rightfully making a complaint. Dr Gilkes is a very nasty person and I believe he should be struck off.


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