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Written by a patient
3rd December 2014

Dr. Crispin is the most conscientious medical practitioner I have encountered in my seventy five years of life. She seeks a comprehensive understanding with the patient of the nature of any health problems, including the context which the patient is experiencing. She explores the various options in determining a diagnosis prior to prescribing treatment and after care. I have always been made to feel a high degree of participation in determining diagnosis and treatment. From my perspective as a patient she appears to have an excellent working relationship with other general practitioners, and a wide variety of consultants in the secondary sector. Consequently health care under Dr. Crispin is a rewarding experience within a collegiate atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration between highly effective professionals who work together as a team. Dr. Crispin deserves all the financial and human skills support she needs to continue to improve the quality and quantity of care. Dr. Crispin is the exemplar and personification of the caring, highly capable front-line professional of the NHS. Other patients I know, who have experienced Dr. Crispin's care, all refer to her in the highest-possible complimentary terms. She is a jewel in the NHS crown.

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