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Written by a patient
7th October 2016

I visited the GP to discuss a cough that I've been dealing with and to talk about my fluctuating sleep. Unfortunately my visit to the GP was worse than subpar. To begin with the GP didn't think I was ill and told me that according to the record I wasn't ill. Then the GP said that I don't need to come to the practice if I wasn't ill. The GP then reiterated her stance of me not being ill. She treated me like a child rather than as a patient. Then the GP told me that I had to drop weight but when I told her that I don't have a lot of time to help with that because of my studies and project she told me that I had no excuse because I was in first year. I wasn't even allowed to discuss my sleeping issues, she told me to book another appointment with another GP to deal with my sleep. I had to laugh it off because I didn't want to come across as rude. She wasn't very nice to me and I didn't ask for much asides from the chance to get myself checked. I didn't ask for any sick notes or medications that I didn't need, I just did what was necessary to ensure that I wasn't very ill.

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