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4th August 2016
Written by a patient at Windmill Road Health and Family

I must say that, based upon my experience, all I can say that is 'great' about this doctor is that he is in his office during his scheduled working hours. What could be improved? Everything! From the outset, short, cold, brash and lacking in manners. I explain my problem to him, being of a personal nature, and he invites me to show him while the curtains and window are open out onto the car park so anyone can see. When I show my discomfort at this, he seems to make it a chore to draw the curtains. After around two or three seconds of eyeballing and prodding, he basically tells me that what I know my problem to be, as I have had it in many places, many times throughout my life, is not what the problem is and that it is 'just one of those things' and is untreatable, so I'm to just 'put up with it', being an agonisingly painful skin problem which is easily treated. To finish off, other problems I try to mention to him are shrugged off, such as one which severely limits my mobility, and I am told to book another appointment and asked to leave. Suffice it to say that I refuse to communicate in any way with this doctor again. He is impolite, unhelpful, apathetic and unprofessional.

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