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Written by a carer
20th September 2019

I have no words to thank Dr. Siwan Thomas Gibson for being so kind & helpful during the treatment of my husband. She took time from her busy schedule to send a mail to my husband to advise him that his CT scan & byopsy reports were normal & did not sign of cancer as she knew that we were very worried. We were supposed to see her after 3 days to find out the results but she was so kind to drop us a mail which gave us so much relief. I could not stop my tears after reading her mail & the first thing I did was raised my hands & prayed for her that May God Bless Her & her family with all the happiness because her mail had given us so much relieve otherwise we would be stressed till our appointment with her. I am so thankful to God that my husband's treatment is in the hands of an excellent doctor who is so kind & supportive to patient. All my good wishes & prayers for her Thanks once again Dr.Siwan Thomas Gibson. I will always be indebted to you Mrs Yasmin Chohan

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