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Written by a private patient
6th November 2021

I had my rhinoplasty at the New Foscote Hospital 8 weeks ago. It was the perfect hospital for my surgery - small, quaint yet modern. The nursing staff were lovely. I met the anaesthetist before my surgery and he explained his role and was very pleasant. I saw Mr Gore also before surgery and he went through the necessary consents and answered any questions I had. The whole day was very smooth and efficiently run. I had no pain after the procedure and recovered well. The after care is second to none. I choose Mr Gore to be my surgeon due to his excellent reviews and after the first face to face meeting. He came across as very experienced in his field, trustworthy, professional and down to earth. The one thing I asked Mr Gore before surgery was to do whatever suited my face shape, thankfully, that is exactly what he accomplished. Breathing through my nose has also improved. I am very happy with the results of my new nose shape and have no regrets. I have no hesitations in recommending Mr Gore and his team for rhinoplasty and I hope my review helps anyone considering it.

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