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12th June 2018
Written by a patient at Firs House Surgery

I went to see Dr Robinson with already diagnosed anaemia reliably based on a significantly low haemoglobin level. I was already feeling lethargic, breathless and had a moderately bad headache and was hoping to be prescribed iron tablets in order to feel better. What I got was a few barely relevant questions, a very brief physical exam (of which the relevance for was not explained or even eluded to). I was then sent away and told to arrange more blood tests (the soonest I was given was over a week away) and then I was given another appointment with a different Doctor (and they are the ones who emphasise continuity of care!) for yet another week away. By which time I could be severely breathless and struggling to look after my (very energetic) three year old. And they tell us off for wasting THEIR time. Therein lies the irony but sadly not my iron tablets! I believe Dr Robinson could have carried out the blood tests himself, got the results the next day (my husband is a biomedical scientist and therefore knows what the REAL turnaround time is) and written me a prescription based on the results and I could therefore get on with the business of feeling better. As it was, I felt the £45 spent by the NHS for this appointment was sadly a waste of time for both Dr Robinson and myself. He just proved how ineffective he really is - and I have been left for my condition to simply deteriorate.

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