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11th December 2016
Written by a patient at Alton Street Surgery

Dr Simon Lennane saved my life. I was suffering form depression and eventually had a breakdown while living in Ross. If you going to have a breakdown Ross is a good place due to Dr Simon Lennane being there. He listened, and listened, and advised, and put his reached out his hand in a way that made it easy for me to grab onto and pull myself out of the most awful black hole where my mind had taken me to. I will never forget him, and when I have slight black moments I think of Simon and his friendly face, and I come straight back out. Previously, when living of the Isle of Wight, I had been to see my Doctor, (Dr Hazel) who proceeded to tell me about her sister who was Bi Polar. Not really what I needed. We moved to Ross for reasons that went wrong, but serendipity must have had a hand in it. I cannot recommend Dr Simon Lennane enough. I now live back on the Isle of Wight, and life is good, and I am back at work, producing a film.

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