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5th September 2016
Written by a patient at Chapel Allerton Hospital

I saw Dr Dass in the Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds at the beginning of December 2015 regarding pains in my body. He did blood tests for rheumatological factors and autoimmune diseases and all came negative. He didn't wish to continue to diagnose my condition trying to convince me it was fibromyalgia and offered a physiotherapy. I was surprised he gave up so easily on further diagnosing me. And I didn't believe in fybromyalgia as my symptoms were not matching apart of the pains. I asked if MRI would help, he didn't agree and despite my insisting was politely but categorically refusing to send me to MRI, instead insisted a scan would be more relevant. I went out of the visit reassured at least that my condition will be further investigated. Xmas passed and I didn't hear anything from the hospital about my scan appointment nor even the physiotherapy. I called the hospital and was told that the referrals are going to be sent shortly. After another 2 weeks and no letters with referral I called them again and heard the same. After another 2 weeks (that's 2 months after the initial appointment) I wrote a complain to Leeds Teaching Hospitals Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) that I am delayed the appointments without any reason. 1 week after my complaint I received a letter with referral to the physiotherapy (still no referral to the scan) and a letter with apologies from Dr Dass explaining himself it must have been a mistake and he thought I was already sent referrals a time ago. After another 2 weeks I called again Dr Dass secretary asking again when I will be referred for the scan (as the letter still didn't arrive) and heard again the story it will come shortly. I wrote another complaint to PALS and only after this I finally got the referral for the scan through the fast track. In overall I feel Dr Dass simply didn't wish to refer me to anything. When there was no evidence of any rheumatological disease he tried to get away with the story of fibromyalgia. Not sure what he tried to achieve by delaying my referrals though - how could I give up with pains going worse? Till now even after changing the consultant I am not diagnosed, physiotherapy is given in blind without trying any diagnosis and it doesn't help at all. Instead my condition worsen in the knees, I am constantly refused a referral for an orthopedic surgeon by my GP despite suspected chondromelancia patellae (a diagnosis by a private consultant) and my condition is still not diagnosed in any point, neither pains nor the knee problems. Last weeks the knee pain was so severe that I couldn't walk for 2 days, had to use sticks. It got better now but worsening will come back for sure if I am not treated as pain persists every day in both knees and all body.

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